Kumar Cherla

Kumar Cherla, CEO, Founder

Kumar Cherla, CEO, Founder


Hello everyone…

Diabetes: I’ve had this incurable disease for roughly 20 years. We found out when I lost 35 lbs. My ‘cure’ started out tame enough with one pill but as a chronic disease, it keeps getting worse and worse till 15 years later, I was on insulin - two kinds - and 6 pills per day.

Can anyone relate?

I had developed successful businesses of varying kinds and finally made my mind up to help others with a cure for diabetes which I hoped could develop into a business. The Audacity!

I read all that I could on the subject and spoke with various scientists who politely listened with a very sceptical eye.

Undaunted, I enrolled into University on a full time basis along with the 18 year old. (I already had a Mathematical Degree from Waterloo University in Canada.) I was as old as the professors. I studied difficult subjects in Biology, Physics and Chemistry and even saw how my own cells divided in various phases of Mitosis. I tried potions if all kinds, fasted for 40 days and lost 22 pounds. I recruited various professors and experts and learned to read hundreds of technical scientific papers. I experimented with my own Neuropathy to ease the symptoms.

In the end, I gained an incredible respect for the Body and the researchers and scientists who work tirelessly to discover a tiny morsel of knowledge to add to the total human knowledge.

But alas, no cure for Diabetes —- Yet.

However, I did discover COLD and Heat and their benefits to disease and inflammation. And how they can help us.

I actually slept in ice for a year to see if I e could improve my sleep problems (it can and cured my issues!)